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Richard M S Irwin

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Thank you for visiting us in the past year we have received over 220,000 visits from people seeking to download hymns for use in services. If you have no organist, no problem - this site is a free resource for people wanting to have high quality recordings of hymns in MP3 format that can be used for congregational singing. They are not Midi files, but created using professional quality music samples. Join the thousands of people who download music every month and if you like a track, please click the "Like" button and share it with your friends.

All the hymns have been arranged and performed by Richard Irwin and used in services at the churches of the Ridgeway Benefice. Each hymn starts with an introduction and pauses are put between verses and/or lines when needed. Hymn lyrics are provided and we welcome emails to suggest alternative sets of lyrics for any particular tune if they are in the Public Domain or we are given permission of the copyright holder.

The arrangements are for every sort of instrumental combination: for traditional organ, orchestra, brass band, rock band, reggae band & etc.. You can receive details of our latest uploads by following us on Twitter - hit the blue button above.

We are currently in the process of transferring and updating all the recordings at a new web site

Because there are hundreds of hymns recorded we expect this process to take at least until the start of 2018, so apologies if there any issues in finding what you need.

New Professional Quality Releases available on Itunes, Spotify, and Amazon

Because of the increasing use of smart phones, iPads and other tablets and the increasing popularity of services like Spotify we have decided to create a new set of releases available through these channels to make creating playlists and downloading music easier. Spotify has options of either a free or low cost monthly subscription and we thoroughly recommend it as a way to enjoy the entire world of music.

Recordings for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany

Three volumes of Carols available from all good music stores:

From Advent to Epiphany Volume 1

From Advent to Epiphany Volume 1 - Carols for Advent up to Christmas

From Advent to Epiphany Vol. 2 - Carols for Christmas day and St Stephen's Days

From Advent to Epiphany Vol. 3 - Carols from Christmas to Epiphany

Wedding Songs - Volume 1 Released, Music for your Marriage Service

Wedding Songs - Hymns and Music for your Wedding Vol 1

Today weddings are celebrated in all sorts of venues, hotels, castles, gardens etc., no longer just in Church – so what do you do about the singing, especially with traditional organs and organists becoming rarer? You now have an answer, “Wedding Songs” has 23 arrangements of traditional and modern wedding hymns that you can downloaded from iTunes, Amazon, Spotify or other major on-line music channels to any smart technology or create your own CD to keep forever. They are especially arranged for congregational singing by your guests.

If you haven't chosen your hymns yet, this list should help. Click here for a complete list of tracks on Wedding Songs - Volume 1 and links to the lyrics

If you would like your suggestions included in the next volume or a special arrangement for your wedding, please email me with your choice.

Latest Album - Meditations on the Angels

Meditations on the Angels - The Seven Chakra Album Cover

Music for times of prayer, meditation and contemplation these seven meditations are designed for healing and comfort of the spirit. Composed and performed by Richard Irwin, Meditations on the Angels - The Seven Chakra has been described by listeners as original, powerful, beautiful and unique. Available on:

Need more music?

We are happy to receive suggestions for further arrangements: for different hymns, different styles and for existing hymns with different numbers of verses.  Click Here to email us to suggest another hymn you would like to have arranged or to rearrange any of the existing hymns.