Composer - Arranger: Stuart K Hine

Composer - Arranger: Stuart K Hine

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Stuart K Hine (1899 - 1989) is believed to have been born in England. During much of Hine's early adult life he and his wife were missionaries in the Western Ukraine of Russia, where they evangelized as Christian workers and singers. In 1931, Stuart K. Hine and his wife returned to Britain and conducted gospel campaigns throughout the country. During those years, Stuart published wrote many gospel songs. Stuart retired from the active ministry but continued to publish his song books and his music and contributed the majority of his income to various missionary endeavours around the world. Hine's most popular hymn is How Great Thou Art which he translated from the poem of Carl Gustav Boberg O Store Gud (literally O great God) and arranged the English words to the Swedish Folk tune to which it is traditionally sung. Among his compositions are Can There Be One, O Saviour Mine?, Faith Is The Bridge, and What Can Cleanse My heart?. Hine died in 1989.

Hymns arranged or composed by Stuart K Hine