Tune: Southcote

Tune: Southcote

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Released in April 2014, Southcote is available on Wedding Songs - Volume 1. To keep up with modern times and to simplify issues with Copyright, we have started to use various on-line delivery services. Spotify is available on either a free or low cost subscription basis, other services will charge a small fee for the download, but you can keep and reuse the recording.

To download a recording of the entire Wedding Songs - Volume 1 album, please use the following links:

We also expect the music to be available on Napster and other on-line download services. If you do not have access to any of these services, please Email Richard

To download just Southcote please follow one of the links below:

Wedding Songs - Hymns and Music for your Wedding Vol 1

Hymns that can be sung to: Southcote